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Angie Lopez de Baldelomar

Angie Lopez de Baldelomar
(320) 589-6060
Behmler 235

M.S., Fuller School of Psychology

Days in Office
Friday afternoons

Angie has worked in a variety of settings, especially serving culturally diverse clients and communities. She believes that through awareness and acceptance of our thoughts and feelings comes the possibility of change. In a compassionate and warm way Angie seeks to create a safe space where students can sort through life’s challenges and decisions. Angie uses a client-centered approach, and she believes that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is a key factor in the effectiveness of counseling. Angie has served as a part-time counselor at UMM since Fall of 2012. She earned a B.S. in Psychology from UCLA, as well as an M.S. from Fuller School of Psychology in Los Angeles, California. Angie is passionate about life-long learning, nature, reading, running, and home-educating her children.