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Qualities employers desire

Ability to Communicate
Organize and present your thoughts coherently through the written or spoken word.

Has “street sense”, “common sense”, and ability to learn.

Self Confidence
Recognizes ones own worth, has conviction, will stand up.

Willing to Accept Responsibility
Volunteers, takes on challenges, admits mistakes, “I’ll do it” attitude

Self-starter, self-motivated, works with little supervision.

Take charge, in control, influences others.

Energy Level
Works hard, endurance, relishes work.

Finds solutions, sees possibilities, innovative.

Adaptable, not rigid, capable of and receptive to change.

Interpersonal Skills
Gets along with people, pleasant personality.

Realistic, no hang-ups, know who they are, knows what they can do and want to do.

Ability to Handle Conflict
Rolls with the punches, functions under pressure.

Goal Achievement
Sets goals, works toward goals, achieves.

Works toward winning, tries to improve, be the best.

Vocational Skills
Can do the job, trainable, has appropriate skills.

Know what you want in life, in a job, has goals.