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Sophomore Year

Clarifying: Choosing a Major Or Career

Clarify Academics

  • Finish first year steps
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss major, grad school, career
  • Select your major by end of year
  • Identify possible major/minor and research interests, fellowships, and grants
  • Build mentorship relations with faculty, students, and staff
  • Discuss academic majors with students and alumni. Review What Can I Do With This Major?
  • Take a professor to lunch or visit office hours, confirm your major and discuss research options in your major
  • Apply for Study Abroad programs

Clarify Initial Career Goals

Clarify Self, Others, and your Community

  • Volunteer for a community service ongoing program
  • Attend an event with an international student or group
  • Run for office/become an officer or leader in an organization to which you belong or would like to join
  • Participate in a student organization, club, performance group, professional association, or team. Become involved at UMM

Define a Healthy Lifestyle with Integrity

  • Seek medical advice or counseling as needed and practice good nutrition
  • Create a schedule for study, sleep, and exercise with other student teams
  • Attend a program on social justice, and diversity
  • Explore personal plan, philosophy, and faith options

Consider for Your Junior Year

Student Counseling

231 Behmler Hall
(320) 589-6060

Career Services

110 Briggs Library
(320) 589-6065