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For Community Members

There are many ways community members can be involved with the Office of Community Engagement at UMM. A few ideas are included below--but regardless of your reason for wanting to connect, we would love to hear from you!.

Project Ideas and Volunteer Needs

If you live in Stevens County (or a nearby county) and have a project idea or a volunteer need, we would love to hear about it. Faculty and students can help with research, planning, hands-on support for projects, evaluation of projects, and many other things--just ask! If we can’t help, we may be able to refer you to another program or office on campus or in the community that can. If you work with a non-profit, school, or government office and want to partner with us, you can use the community partner form to give us some information to get the conversation started, or just contact us.

Serving With Us

Most of our programs are open to anyone. Many community members serve alongside our students, faculty and staff at Days of Service and at Community Building Programs. If you’re interested in more regular opportunities, community members are key teachers and classroom assistants in our Community ESL Program, and important volunteer interpreters and translators through our TERCERO program.

Co-Sponsoring an Event

We welcome co-sponsors for our Soup and Substance dialogues and our Morris Community Meals. Co-sponsorships include at least two meetings to plan events, a financial contribution of $250, and 10 hours total of volunteer time (which can be shared among anyone affiliated with your organization). Co-sponsors are included in all public relations for these programs. Contact us to learn more!

Programs for Children and Families

 We have multiple programs for children and families, available.

Attending an Event

Everyone is welcome to attend any of our events!