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For Parents & Guardians

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Below are some of the opportunities available for families and children. Please let us know if you have other ideas of ways UMM faculty, staff, or students could support families and children!

Programs For Children

For Children Ages 0-5 (Baby, Infant, and Pre-K)

Tutoring, Reading, and Empowering Children-Storytime at the Library
Tutoring, Reading, and Empowering Children-ESL TREC

For Children Ages 5-12 (Grades K-6)

Big Friend, Little Friend (mentoring program)
Tutoring, Reading, and Empowering Children-Zone Program
Tutoring, Reading, and Empowering Children-ESL TREC

For Young People Ages 13-18 (Grades 7-12)

Tutoring, Reading, and Empowering Children-ESL TREC

Family-Friendly Volunteer Opportunities

Days of Service

Each of our days of service includes projects that are family-friendly. You and your family can volunteer alongside college students, which helps UMM students get to know the community and helps you contribute to important community projects. There will be an additional form to complete that requires a parent/guardian signature for any participants who are under the age of 18, and youth participants must be accompanied by an adult. To register for days of service as a community member, contact us. We also welcome youth groups, scout troops, and other groups to volunteer together!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Creative Project Contest

Each year, young people in grades 7-12 can submit a written, art, or multi-media piece addressing a question about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. Cash prizes and an opportunity to present the piece at a program on Martin Luther King Day are available. For more information, contact us after October 15, when the call for entries will be announced.

Morris Community Meals

We welcome assistance with community meals! Youth ages 12 and older can help with cooking as long as a parent/guardian signs a form and works alongside them. Youth under the age of 12 can assist with serving, set up, and clean up. We also welcome youth groups, scout troops, and other groups to volunteer together!

Family-Friendly Events

See the events calendar for this year's dates to the following events

Gather in the Park

Gather in the Park is an awareness-raising program for Domestic Violence Awareness Month provided in partnership with Someplace Safe. Children’s activities are provided in another area of the park to allow guardians to listen to the speakers and participate in adult activities. 

Morris Community Meals

A free, no-strings-attached meal is available six times a year. Families and children are especially welcome to take a break from cooking and enjoy food and fellowship. 

Bread ‘N Bowls

This event raises awareness of violence and poverty in our community. Families are welcome to enjoy a meal and a handmade ceramic bowl. The event requests a suggested donation for adults and a reduced suggested donation for children, but everyone is welcome regardless of their ability to pay.

Services for Families


Maybe your family values volunteering but you don’t know where to start with getting connected. We are happy to refer you to opportunities that might fit your family’s lifestyle and the ages of your children. Or, maybe you are interested in learning more about our campus or community, or are having difficulty finding a particular type of resource. Just send us an e-mail with your name, the ages of your family members, and any areas of interest and we’ll get back to you within one week!


Do you need an interpreter or translator? While we cannot provide translation or interpretation services for medical appointments, we can provide assistance in other settings. Our TERCERO-trained translators and interpreters focused on school documents and interactions, but we may be able to help in other ways as well. Contact us at least a week before you need this service, and we will do our best to connect you with a translator or interpreter.