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Health Insurance

In the United States (U.S.), healthcare is very expensive. Because international students are not eligible to use U.S. government or Minnesota public assistance programs, the University of Minnesota requires all international students to purchase the Student Health Benefit Plan (SHPB). DO NOT purchase other health insurance from your government or private insurance providers; otherwise you will be paying for two insurance policies.

Your payment for the SHBP and the Student Services Fee each semester will allow you to access Health Service on campus for most services at no cost and some services at a reduced cost.

Coverage under SHBP is guaranteed for incoming international students from the time they arrive at the University of Minnesota, Morris and begin orientation. The cost of pre-semester coverage is extra and added to the fall semester assessment amount. Coverage continues as long as the student meets the Health Service criteria for eligibility.

To learn more about the Student Health Benefit Plan, see the Office of Student Health Benefits. This website lists the benefits in your plan. Please note that dental services are not included in this plan. If you need to see a dentist, you will be responsible for the costs that are incurred.