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Minnesota Weather

Minnesota weather may surprise you. It ranges from very warm in the summer to very cold in the winter. The average snowfall is 41" (104 cm) per year. You will need to have a warm winter coat, snow boots, well lined gloves and a cap for the coldest months. It is recommended that you purchase these things once you arrive in Minnesota, since most clothing stores here will carry the kind of winter clothing you will need. Minnesotans do not let the snow or cold stop them, but rather they dress for it and enjoy a variety of winter activities. Typically, beginning in April temperatures become much milder. August temperatures in Minnesota often reach 80–90 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should have appropriate summer attire for your summertime here.

With appropriate clothing, it is easy to enjoy each season that Minnesota has to offer. For both fall and spring it is always a good idea to have a light jacket with you. The day usually starts and ends with cooler temperatures. Otherwise during the day you may only need to wear pants and a long-sleeve shirt. During the summer, students will usually be wearing shorts and T-shirts.

Month Avg. High °F (°C) Avg. Low °F (°C)
January 22 (-6) 4 (-16)
February 29 (-2) 12 (-11)
March 41 (5) 23 (-5)
April 57 (14) 36 (-2)
May 70 (21) 48 (9)
June 79 (26) 58 (14)
July 83 (28) 63 (17)
August 80 (27) 61 (17)
September 71 (22) 51 (11)
October 58 (14) 39 (4)
November 40 (4) 25 (-4)
December 26 (-3) 11 (-12)