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Native American Student Success Program (NASS)


Focused on serving Native American students in their first year of college, Native American Student Success (NASS) assists students in their personal, social, intellectual, and ethical development in becoming life-long learners and responsible members of our global society. Through a variety of services, NASS assists students in their academic success while providing space to explore, express, and enhance their cultural journeys.

Who is a member?

All incoming first year and transfer students receiving the Native American tuition waiver are enrolled in NASS upon admission.

Benefits of participating in NASS


  • Individualized professional academic coaching - assistance with building connections and navigating campus life
  • Mentoring from experienced and specially trained Morris students
  • Opportunities to enhance study skills
  • Connections to campus resources including Peer Assisted Learning and tutoring

Career and Financial Aid

  • On-campus job opportunities exclusive to NASS participants
  • Build your resume and cover letter
  • Support finding research opportunities
  • Direct access to the One Stop counselor for American Indian programs
  • Financial wellness development

Personal and Social

  • Opportunities to engage tribal and world cultures
  • Participate in NASS extended orientation - a one day opportunity to build relationships with NASS students and first-year Native American students
  • Placement in orientation with NASS peer mentors and other NASS students
  • Culture and language workshops
  • Housing options within the First Nation residence hall community
  • Complimentary admission tickets to campus events

NASS is a community of similarity and difference, both of which are cherished and honored. In our diversity, we find power and courage in each individual. Though we may be different in background, viewpoints, or level of involvement, we can all contribute to strengthening our community.

The Native American Student Success Program (NASS) is wholly funded through the Native American-Serving Nontribal Institutions Program (NASNTI) grant through the US Department of Education.

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