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Summer Transition for English Language and Liberal Arts Readiness (STELLAR)is designed to provide incoming University of Minnesota, Morrisinternational students with a holistic approach to living and attendingcollege in an English-speaking country. At Morris, we believe the best wayto learn a language is to use it and to live it. It is a comprehensive,living and learning program.

*Benefits of the STELLAR program (a program that is 10 years strong):*

  • Earn college credits
  • Improve your English skills
  • Learn about American campus life and academic culture
  • Gain a better understanding of a liberal arts education
  • Enjoy fun weekend excursions around the state of Minnesota
  • Connect with campus and the local community to make Morris your second home:
    • Get to know faculty, staff, students and all your resources a full month before classes start, so you can be more confident going into the fall semester.
    • Enjoy fun team building activities with new American students, some of whom will be your roommate throughout the program and into the fall semester.
    • Participate in a week-long service learning/volunteer component of the program where you get to know the community.

STELLAR = Results

  • STELLAR students earned better grades during their first semester atthe Morris campus compared to international students who did not attendSTELLAR.
  • 94% of students report they feel more confident in their ability to besuccessful in Fall semester because of the program- 85% feel more comfortable speaking English in social situations.
  • Many STELLAR students are serving as student leaders at the Morris campus.


Through STELLAR, you will live on campus and be enrolled in a credit-bearing, intensive English curriculum that not only counts toward your University of Minnesota, Morris degree but also provides you with the tools for a successful academic experience.

Morris classes are taught by dedicated instructors who use their creativity, knowledge and experience to maximize each student’s learning potential. Class time is complemented by a host of “real-world” activities that will help you “live” the language as you learn it. You will be exposed to a variety of academic disciplines so that you get a taste of the liberal arts, and you will start fall semester confidently and successfully.

2020 STELLAR Program Dates

Application and deposit deadline April 17
Student arrival days July 15-16
Pre-STELLAR Orientation July 17-18
STELLAR begins July 20
STELLAR ends August 14
International Student Orientation August 17-21
UMM Orientation August 22-25
First day of classes August 26


Program fee: $4,400. This includes:

Cost of instruction (tuition)

Housing and meals


Medical insurance

Transportation from the airport

Weekend excursions

Weekend Excursions

Through STELLAR you will have the opportunity to explore the state of Minnesota and learn about the area of the country you will be living in for the next four years. These weekend excursions will have an academic component and are a required part of the program.

Possible trips include travel to Minnesota cities, local communities, lake regions, and area events and festivals. You will learn about local culture and American life while applying your language skills.

Quotes From Former STELLAR Participants

“My favorite part of STELLAR was being out in the open Minnesota prairie. You will learn a lot about Minnesota, Morris, and UMM. The most important thing is that it is a great opportunity to adapt to UMM before you begin classes in the Fall semester.”

—Cong Cai

“STELLAR helped me learn a lot of good English skills and many things about American life style. You should not miss it. We had the opportunity to learn about environmental studies, history, arts and communication during the 4-week program. Now that school has begun we feel we are a part of the campus community. I have had an easier time engaging in the academic and social life here at UMM. You will not feel like a outsider here, because you will quickly find how friendly people are.”

—Kaixin Chen

”My English classes during STELLAR prepared me to write papers for American universities in English. I feel that I was much more prepared for my classes at UMM. You will have a lot of opportunities to enjoy the sites of Minnesota and you will get to travel and do fun projects and get to know your professors. This helped us understand what a liberal art school really is.”

—Yanjie Yang


You will receive three undergraduate credits for participating in STELLAR. These credits will apply toward your University of Minnesota, Morris degree.


If you have questions contact

">Leslie Lindberg at 001-320-589-6099