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Peer Mentoring


Brenna is a senior student here at Morris and is going into her second year as a peer mentor. She is a Human Services major with a sub-plan in social justice, and is pursuing a minor in anthropology. Outside of class, Brenna works as an office assistant in the Office of Academic Success, is the student representative for the Human Services major, and serves as a co-chair for the Sociology and Anthropology Society (SAS) and Harry Potter Club. When she isn’t on campus, you may find her searching for new places to use her hammock, driving to see family and friends, or napping almost anywhere comfy. If you have questions about school, campus, the city of Morris, tips for the perfect nap, or just want to chat, feel free to stop by the lounge or say hi when you see her around campus!


Danny is a junior majoring in both History and Native American Indigenous Studies. She has also built an Area of Emphasis for Deaf Studies. Danny is an active member around campus--participating in Dance Ensemble, Saddle Club, and Arts & Crafts Club. She is also a proud member of the Honors program and the McNair program here on campus. She is excited to return as a peer mentor for the second year in a row and looks forward to the exciting year ahead.


Kathleen is a third-year student double majoring in English and History while on an English Secondary Ed track. Her main goal as a peer mentor is to make first-year/first-generation students' transition to college feasible and fun! In her free time, you'll see her around campus/town riding her bike, trying to figure out a Rubik's cube, reading a great book, or performing decent juggling. Kathleen also loves cats and has strong opinions on burger toppings; please come talk to her if you do as well--it's important. However, in a general sense, know that she’s here for you! So please come talk to her about anything that you feel comfortable sharing. P.S. if you're looking for a great read, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's "Purple Hibiscus" is a good place to start.


Katie is a junior and Political Science major with a History minor. Katie is an active member of campus and is the Public Relations and Fundraising Coordinator for Saddle Club, as well as a participant in Yule Ball and Arts & Crafts Club. She has also been an Orientation Group Leader the past two years and is excited about this new experience.




Katt is going into her senior year at UMN Morris, hoping to graduate with an Anthropology and Biology degree. She is involved in many student activities and is a co-chair for the Sociology and Anthropology Society (SAS). This year Katt will also be serving as the student rep for the Anthropology major. When she's not doing homework or stressing about her senior sem, you can find Katt hanging out with friends, sleeping, watching Netflix, or cuddling with her two puppers: Ernie and Lulu.


As a senior Sociology major with an African and Black American Studies minor, Lexi believes learning about social institutions is key to continuing a path towards equity. As an aspiring student affairs professional, Lexi has an intrinsic desire to see and help students succeed in higher education. In her free time, Lexi enjoys cooking, baking, reading, being outside, spending quality time with friends and family, and Vikings football. You can find Lexi around campus working at One Stop, participating in the Black Student Union, and giving tours. If you need help with finding campus resources, basic financial aid, or just navigating college life, Lexi is always just an email or text away.


Michael has been a part of Summit since its beginning in Morris five years ago as a mentee himself. Having completed his Communication, Media and Rhetoric degree on time in four years, he then decided last-minute to take a fifth year to complete a Computer Science degree. He hopes to combine the two degrees to become a well-spoken and effective software developer. He is especially well-spoken when he tells you how much he loves playing Classic World of Warcraft, or how genius the game’s development and server architecture is. He would also be quick to tell you he came in as a Biology major but was effectively undecided. That’s suffice to say that Michael has enjoyed the flexibility and breadth of knowledge that the liberal arts affords him. He recognizes that plans change and that communication is a key tool to help navigate through it all. Just like no discipline exists in a bubble, neither do people.


Molly is a junior at UMN Morris majoring in Studio Art and Art History where she has fallen in love with this community of creative people. The Studio Art community has inspired her to find ways to be a part of and create inclusive communities on campus. She believes that TRIO Summit Scholars is a great resource for students to come with any concerns and there will be a community of staff and students dedicated to lend a helping hand. You can usually catch Molly in the Ceramic/Sculpture studio or just roaming the HFA looking for a nice, dark place to nap. Molly also works in the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) office as an office assistant and loves to dream with other students about potential travel destinations.


Skylar is a sophomore who is currently majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Spanish.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends on campus, studying quietly by herself, and drawing. Skylar was in the Gateway program during the summer of 2018, and has been a Summit Scholar since she first arrived here at Morris!



As a sophomore studying elementary education and psychology here at UMN Morris, Tanner is no stranger to being called upon for help and guidance.  Even though he plans to work with young kids in the near future, Tanner is able to collaborate with anyone of any age. If you need assistance with that big essay paper due next week or if you just want to have a chat session about movies, sports, memes, etc., Tanner is the man to talk to. Around campus, he can be seen hanging around with friends and other students in organizations such as Big Friend Little Friend, Education Minnesota Aspiring Educators, or he could be found studying and taking notes over at Briggs Library. Tanner can be whatever you need him to be. If you want him as a mentor through the tough college grind or if you want to talk to him about how Birdemic 2 is the worst movie of all time, he will be someone you can talk to whenever or wherever.