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Summer Storage

The University of Minnesota, Morris realizes that as international students some of the simplest issues for domestic students can be huge problems for international students. One of these issues is:

“Where do I store my stuff when I check out of the residence halls for the summer?”

The International Student Program has partnered with the Office of Residential Life to provide summer storage on campus. During the spring semester the Office of Residential Live (ORL) or your community adviser (CA) will provide students with information regarding our summer storage program.

Things to consider regarding summer storage: 

  • There will be certain times after final exams that students can access the space, watch your email for the announcement;
  • No loose items will be allowed in the space;
  • Students will be able to purchase approved storage bins from ORL;
  • Clearly label your bins with your name and phone number and email address;
  • You must sign a release form before dropping off any of your items;
  • You will not have access to your items during the summer. At the beginning of fall semester there will be announced times when students can pick up their items.