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EDI Travel Funds

For Individuals and Student Organizations


Whenever you are completing an application for any kind of support, complete the form with care:

  • Read the instructions for applying.
  • Provide thorough answers to all questions.
  • Review to correct any errors before submission.
  • Submit well in advance of anticipated event.
  • It is often possible to apply for several sources of support for the same activity. Start early, ask questions, and follow carefully the instructions and timeline for each application.

EDI offers modest funds to individual students and EDI-affiliated student organizations for participation in professional/educational conferences and other events. Maximum award to an individual or group is $300; award amount may vary based on request and funds available. To apply, please complete the application linked below in its entirety at least one month prior to the event. Incomplete applications will not be considered, but EDI staff can assist with completing the form (MRC 110).

Note: In most instances, awarded funds cannot be disbursed in advance of travel/event or without appropriate receipts: save all receipts detailing expenses for which you plan to use awarded funds.

Policy and Procedures

  • EDI student / org funds are for use by current University of Minnesota, Morris students who have demonstrated a commitment to campus engagement around multiculturalism, social justice, or improving campus climate.
  • Preference will be given to students who are presenting or are involved in the planning of a conference/event, and to students who are actively involved in EDI programs.
  • Funds may also be used to support study abroad or other similar experiences.
  • Individual applicants must be making satisfactory progress toward degree completion, including a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the semester prior to the request and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  • Applications may be denied due to prior student conduct violations.
  • One request per student or student organization will be considered each academic year.
  • Student organizations applying for funds must demonstrate financial need and / or exceptional opportunity. For example, these funds are an appropriate resource for a new organization that is not yet eligible for an annual allocation, or to attend a special exhibit, conference, or other cultural event that was not anticipated in an organization’s annual budget request.

Students and groups receiving funding are expected to:

  • Represent themselves, EDI, the Morris campus, and the University of Minnesota with integrity and respect for self and others, and to conduct themselves responsibly at all times.
  • Attend a majority of the event that funds are supporting.

Questions about the EDI fund should be addressed to EDI staff at 320-589-6095.

Other Funding Types & Sources For Individuals

Native American students can apply for American Indian Advisory Committee Salt Springs Travel Funds.

Additional funding for conference participation may be available through the Academic Center for Enrichment, Fund Your Conference Travel