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Travel Support

The Multicultural Student Program (MSP) offers travel support for students who have demonstrated a commitment to multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice, especially in a United States context. Funding can be used to attend educational conferences/programs related to these same issues.

Policy and Procedures

MSP student travel funds are for use by University of Minnesota, Morris students who have demonstrated a commitment to multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice, especially in a U.S. context, and only for the purpose of attending educational conferences/programs related to these same issues.* Preference will be given to students who are presenting or involved in the planning of the conference/program and to students actively involved in MSP programs (e.g. Gateway, Multicultural Mentorship Program, multi-ethnic student organizations).

*A limited amount of funds may be available to support students from historically under-represented and/or disadvantaged groups to participate in study abroad, international travel, and other travel experiences.
Whenever possible, students should apply for other travel subsidies from within and/or outside the University before requesting MSP travel funds.
Since the purpose of the subsidy is to assist students in attending conferences/ programs, students and/or student organizations are expected to pay a percentage of their expenses. The minimum requirement for individual contributions is $25.

Students receiving money from the MSP office are required to write a one-page, typed reflection paper about the conference/program they attended. In addition, if more than one student receives funding for the same conference/program, the students may be asked to give a campus presentation.

Regardless of allocation amount, Students receiving funding must adhere to MSP policies and procedures, which include the University’s Student Conduct Code. (A copy of the conduct code is available in your Student Life Handbook.)
In addition, the following policies apply:

  • Students are to represent themselves, MSP, the Morris campus, and the larger University system. As such, students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and responsibly in demeanor, dialogue, and behavior.
  • Since students are funded to attend an educational event, it is expected that they will attend a majority of the workshops and related activities.
  • Any failure to adhere to the above stated policies may result in the following sanctions:
  • Students (individuals and/or organizations) may be required to reimburse all monies allocated from the MSP travel fund.
  • Future allocations from this fund may be denied for a period of one year or more to the individual and/or organizations found responsible.
  • Other specific sanctions may be imposed at the discretion of the MSP staff.

Only one request per student will be initially considered each academic year. In the event that we have funds remaining, a second request may be proposed.

Funding is given with the expectation that the experience will be completed. If it isn’t, the committee will work with the student to determine if funds need to be returned.

Submit a request for funding in the form of a typed proposal at least a month in advance to MSP. The proposal should include the following:

  • Contact information for person(s) applying for funds (i.e. full name, address, phone number and email address)
  • A description of the conference or other educational opportunity you would like to attend; the sponsoring institution, and location of the conference/program (when possible include program booklet)
  • Dates of the conference/program
  • An explanation of how you have demonstrated a commitment to multiculturalism, diversity, and/or social justice, especially in a U.S. context
  • An explanation of how attendance at the conference/program would enhance your knowledge and/or program of study
  • Estimated itemized expenses (transportation, lodging, meals, registration, etc.) including funds received from other sources as well as your own contribution

Note: When two or more students are attending the same conference/program, travel should be coordinated to reduce expenses. When a student organization is traveling to a conference/program, travel arrangements for all Morris students will be made in conjunction with the student organization; these arrangements must be coordinated with Student Activities before seeking funds from the MSP student travel fund.
In addition, your proposal should state if you and/or your organization anticipate requesting additional funding this academic year.
Once a proposal is received, the MSP staff will review the request. Every effort will be made to provide support for all who make valid requests. When the number of requests exceeds the funds available, consideration will be given to the date of submission of the requests, the educational pertinence of the conference/program, if the student or organization has received funds this academic year, and special factors such as if the student will be presenting or facilitating a session at the conference/program.

The fund may be used to cover the following expenses:

  • Registration fees.
  • Meals and lodging while attending the conference/program
  • Cost of travel to and from the conference/program

Questions about the MSP travel fund should be addressed to the Multicultural Student Program staff at 320-589-6095 or by email to