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Pomme De Terre Foods, INC.

The mission of Pomme de Terre Foods (PDT) is to “provide our community with quality natural foods and local products, promoting care for the environment in a spirit of cooperation and volunteerism.” PDT has grown considerably since its founding as the Prairie Dog Store in Pine Hall on the Morris campus in 1971. PDT moved to downtown Morris and incorporated in 1975 as a nonprofit corporation, Pomme de Terre Foods, Inc. Today PDT provides many unique and healthful grocery products to Morris and the surrounding communities. PDT is the region’s largest retail grocer of locally raised grains, meats, cheese, dairy, eggs, honey, and frozen vegetables. PDT also carries Native Harvest wild rice, maple syrup, and soups, as well as organic, vegan, and gluten-free foods.

Contributions to Morris Healthy Eating

PDT is a drop site for weekly vegetable deliveries from two Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. PDT participates in University of Minnesota, Morris farmers markets, showcasing and selling a large selection of local and fair-trade foods that are a part of their regular inventory in downtown Morris. PDT provides a firm historical base for healthy eating in Morris, fostering a committed, knowledgeable, and active membership that has published two very popular cookbooks.

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