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Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Are you at risk? What are warning signs of a problem?

How do you know if you or somebody else is developing a problem with alcohol or other drugs? Usually no single sign identifies a problem drinker, but a continuation (repeated use in spite of negative consequences) or pattern of problems can indicate that the person is moving from mild abuse to moderate or serious abuse and getting closer to addiction.

Here is some information explaining responsible alcohol use, abuse and dependency.

If you are concerned about the way you use alcohol, you may want to try the online self assessment (E-Checkup To Go) or get some feedback from a professional (see Chemical Health Consultation below).

Alcohol EDU from Everfi

Designed for students entering college, this interactive online program uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience, inspiring students to make healthier decisions related to alcohol and other drugs. This course includes tailored
 content that will:

  • Engage abstainers, light to moderate drinkers, and frequent drinkers with customized messaging
  • Educate students on the mental and physical the effects of alcohol
  • Prepare students to engage in bystander intervention

Please email Student Counseling at for access to Alcohol EDU from Everfi.

  • Chemical Health Consultation

  • Confidential (the only information released is a notification that the student attended the informal assessment.)
  • An exploration of the student's chemical health.
  • An opportunity to identify potential problem areas.
  • An opportunity to increase the student's insight and awareness into their chemical health decisions.
  • An opportunity to learn (a referral is not meant to be a punitive measure).
  • Usually 2 sessions; about 30 to 45 minutes each.
  • If you are interested in a Chemical Health Consultation, please contact Student Counseling 320-589-6060.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Treatment

  • Find an AA Meeting 
  • Substance Abuse and Dependence Treatment Locator – access information about treatment programs around the country