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Group Counseling

What is group counseling?

In group counseling a small number of people with similar life experiences meet together in a confidential setting with a professionally trained counselor/therapist to help themselves and each other pursue personal growth and improve their ability to meet life challenges. Counseling groups can help individuals to enhance their personal support systems, increase their understanding of self and others, and learn effective strategies for addressing specific issues that may interfere with optional functioning, such as self-esteem, assertiveness, grief, relationships, anxiety, depression, and academic stress.

What does it take for group counseling to be effective?

The primary ingredients of an effective counseling group are honesty and commitment to the group. Willingness to gradually take risks in a safe, supportive environment is helpful. Students who do not talk in group get less out of the process. Group facilitators are ready to help these students participate more fully, while respecting members’ personal boundaries about what information to disclose.

Do you have groups at Morris?

Fall 2020-Spring 2021 Group Offerings:

The Counseling Center does offer a Depression/Anxiety psychotherapy group once a week as well. You must be a current client in the counseling center. Please discuss this with your counselor if you feel group could be a useful addition to your treatment process. This group is on hold during COVID-19 due to in-person nature of the group.

There are also several support groups held on campus:

LGBTQIA2S+ Peer Support Group is a student-led support group. Please contact the Student Counseling office for details.


Yoga for Mind and Body will help you to reduce stress, learn how to relax the mind and body through the practice of yoga and feel more connected to yourself. The group will meet one time per week. Due to limited space, the number of participants is limited. For more information please contact Jeanne WilliamsonThis group is on hold during COVID-19 due to in-person nature of the group.

Student Counseling periodically teams up with other campus partners such as the Regional Fitness Center and Wellness Center to offer yoga in a calming space on campus.