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Winter Wellbeing Opportunities

Winter Wellbeing on the Prairie 

Although some of the school year is during fall and spring when the temperatures are warmer and you can explore the prairie at your will, much of our academic year is in the winter months. The winter can feel long and it’s easy to stay inside and miss out on winter wellbeing opportunities. In winter of 2020-2021, Morris Let’s Thrive launched some wonderful winter wellbeing opportunities and tips. We are excited to highlight them here!


Snowshoeing is a type of outdoor hiking or walking that distributes your weight more evenly and allows you to stay up on top of the snow, rather than sink in, allowing you to explore parts of the winter outdoor scenery that would otherwise be difficult. You use your own boots, and the only equipment needed is snowshoes. Morris Let’s Thrive partners with the Regional Fitness Center to RENT SNOWSHOES FOR FREE TO ALL MORRIS STUDENTS! These include hiking polls. There are 7 pairs for rental and so you can head out with friends, floor mates, roommates or anyone else you might enjoy exploring the prairie with. There are also snowshoeing trails within an hour drive of Morris if you want to check out groomed trails. Otherwise, take them around campus or the Morris community and see what you find!

 Morris Let’s Thrive Winter Tips

Check out these winter wellbeing tips!