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Policy/Procedure & Coordinated Community Response

UMM and various community agencies work together to support victims/ survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking in the most effective manner. The Stevens County Violence Prevention Task Force leads a coordinated community response to support victims/survivors and hold perpetrators responsible. Participating agencies include: Violence Prevention Program, Campus Police, Student Counseling, Student Affairs, Someplace Safe, Morris Police Department, Stevens County Sheriff’s Office, Stevens County Attorney’s Office, Stevens Community Medical Clinic, Stevens County Court Administrator, and Stevens County Human Services.

Sexual assault and relationship violence are prohibited at the University of Minnesota. Sexual assault and relationship violence, including threats of sexual assault and related relationship violence, are attacks not only on a person's body, but also on the person's dignity, and are not tolerated. To foster a community free from sexual assault and relationship violence, the University provides reporting options, including the police department; victim/survivor assistance; internal mechanisms for discipline and dispute resolution; prevention training; and other related services.

As a University and as a community, the University of Minnesota strives to assure the safety and respect the dignity of each student, staff and faculty member. The Board of Regents’ Policy on Sexual Harassment, the student conduct code and the University policy on sexual assault prohibits this conduct and establishes procedure for responding to incidents involving sexual assault and relationship violence. The commitment of the entire University community to this policy contributes to our goal of creating a campus free from sexual assault and from other violence that may occur within a personal, intimate relationship.

Official procedures on how to respond to incidents of sexual assault/relationship violence. Because reporting is the only way that action can be taken against an alleged violator of this policy, the University strongly encourages the reporting of sexual assault and relationship violence to appropriate officials. Timely reporting and medical examination within 72 hours is critical in preserving evidence of sexual assault, and the ability to respond effectively, but a victim/survivor can report an incident at any time.