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What can I do?

I’ve been a victim of personal power based violence, where can I go for help?

If you have been a victim of personal power-based violence, there are many opportunities to seek help. The following are options available:

Campus or Local Police

Utilize 911 if necessary. Campus police has two phone numbers: 320-287-1601 or 320-208-6500. They are located in Camden 10. 320-208-6500 is the local police number. Sometimes people can be hesitant to contact law enforcement. Making a report to law enforcement allows the incident to be documented and evidence preserved. It is helpful to law enforcement if you report as soon as possible. By making a report to law enforcement, you are not "filing charges." The County Attorney makes all decisions about whether charges are filed against someone. It is policy in Stevens County to consult the victim and not to proceed with prosecution without the approval of the victim; except in unusual cases. Please note that if you give approval to prosecute it is the county attorney who will make the final decision to press charges.

Morris Campus Police

Contact Someplace Safe

Someplace safe offers hours on campus in the counseling center two afternoons a week. Call 320-589-6060 for the counseling office. Someplace Safe has a 24 hour crisis line available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This phone number is: 1-800-974-3359.

Someplace Safe

Stevens Community Medical Center

SCMC is a local hospital that can provide treatment for any injuries, complete sexually transmitted disease testing and collect evidence if you choose. Someplace Safe advocates are available to accompany you to SCMC if you would like.

Stevens County Medical Center (SCMC)

Student Counseling

Student counseling has several counselors available and all services are confidential. Student counseling is located in 235 Behmler Hall. Phone number is 320-589-6060.

Student Counseling

I suspect a friend has been a victim of personal power based violence. What can I do?

There are many ways to support someone who has been a victim of violence. Here are some tips to support your friend if they are experiencing this.


  • Offer unconditional friendship and support.

  • Be clear that you are there to listen, and not to judge.

  • Tell the person that it is not his/her fault.

  • Accept what he/she tells you.

  • Identify the unhealthy behaviors.

  • Acknowledge the scariness of sexual violence or relationship violence.

  • Encourage the person to build a support system.


  • Spread gossip.

  • Directly confront the abuser.

  • Blame the person for the assault or abuse.

  • Rush, make sure you have time to listen.

  • Make them do something they are not ready to do.

  • Criticize the person.

I want to reduce violence on our campus. What can I do?

The University of Minnesota Morris is committed to reducing rates of violence and you can help! Green dot is our bystander intervention program.

Learn More about Green dot

First Response Partners

Someplace Safe
UMM and Community Partner.
24 hour crisis line: 800-974-3359
Victim survivor/advocacy and services, support: 320-589-3208

Campus Police
UMM and Community. Law enforcement and personal safety.
Officer on Duty: 320-287-1601
Campus Police Office: 320-589-6000
Community Center: 320-208-6500

Stevens Community Medical Center
Community partner. 24 hour emergency care, exams, health care.

Student Behavior Committee

UMM’s student behavior committee Administrative Secretary will contact, or encourage contact with, the UMM Violence Prevention and Response Program and/or Someplace Safe and assist the victim/survivor in obtaining medical care if needed. These offices will also encourage the victim/survivor to report the incident to campus police, and assist in making the report if requested by the victim/survivor. The administrative secretary may report to Campus Police the fact that an assault was reported and may share the alleged perpetrator’s name, but the name of the victim/survivor will only be provided with the victim/survivor’s consent, except in cases of extenuating circumstances.

Campus conduct offices will respond promptly to the allegations and discipline if needed, consistent with the Student Conduct Code and UMM’s student disciplinary process (in many cases the police may conduct the investigation). Student conduct offices may proceed independently of any action taken in the criminal or civil courts, as determined on a case by case basis. Criminal court proceedings are not a substitute for University procedures. The student conduct process permits the victim/survivor and the person accused to have a support person or advisor present at any interview or hearing, in a manner consistent with the governing student conduct procedures. This policy does not require a victim/survivor to mediate directly with the person accused.

The Student behavior Committee Chair will inform both the victim/survivor and accused person of the outcome of any disciplinary process. The Administrative Secretary will make appropriate reports for Clery Act crime statistics.

Anonymous Reporting

Reports of sexual misconduct, including anonymous reports, may be submitted 24 hours a day through the University’s UReport/EthicsPoint reporting system.

Reports of sexual misconduct made through UReport/EthicsPoint will be forwarded to the appropriate campus Title IX office. However, reporting or sharing information about sexual misconduct through UReport/EthicsPoint does not satisfy the obligation of University employees as set forth above in Section II to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX offices. You can report any situation or University conduct you believe violates an applicable law, regulation or University policy.