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Executive Officer Biographies

Elsie Wilson, MCSA President                                                                                    


Major: Biochemistry

About: Greetings! I am the MCSA president. This is my senior year at Morris, and my third year in MCSA. My major is biochemistry and my plan is to get a masters in biochem or immunology, then after that get a cool job where I get to do science stuff everyday. UMM is a great place to be, and in my last year here I want to do my part to keep it vibrant and active. If you have any questions or if you would like to join or collaborate with MCSA, please contact me anytime or visit me during my office hours on Fridays from 1-3 p.m. in the MCSA office.

Ruby DeBellis, Vice President, SSCC Representative


Major: Political Science with Area of Emphasis in Biochemistry

About: Hello everyone, my name is Ruby DeBellis and I am a senior pursuing a major in Political Science with an Area of Emphasis in Biochemistry. This is my second year in MCSA and I previously served as the Secretary of Student Services. Aside from MCSA, I participate in Mock Trial and Dance Ensemble, as well as TA for Political Science classes. In the past I have been a chemistry tutor, lab TA, and peer mentor. I love being involved and hope that I can make a difference on campus through all of my activities. My goals after Morris are to go to grad school in Public Policy, possibly Environmental Policy, and to one day become an elected official. If you see me around campus please feel free to say hello!

Sara Carmen, Secretary of Academic Affairs


Major: Communication, Media and Rhetoric

About: Hi there! My name is Sara, and this year I am a sophomore at UMM. I'm a Communication, Media and Rhetoric major. Last year I was involved with the First Year Council and served on the Academic Affairs Committee. I'm excited to get to serve as Secretary of Academic Affairs to help improve the academic experience of students at UMM. Outside of MCSA, I enjoy reading and baking. I'm also involved with the Model United Nations club, where I will be serving as treasurer.

Emily Trieu, Executive Assistant


Major: Chemistry and Secondary Education

About: My name is Emily Trieu. I am a Chemistry and Secondary Education major with a minor in Biology. I am a senior here at Morris and will be teaching high school chemistry within a year of graduation. I joined MCSA in an effort to become a more active and well informed student of Morris and citizen of the United States. Outside of this I am vice president of chemistry club and have worked as a tutor, TA, and PAL for the Division of Math and Sciences. I water all the plants on campus, so feel free to catch me and my green cart anytime.

Salvi Alam, Secretary of Resources and Operations


Major: Economics

About: I'm from Bangladesh and I'm a senior this year. This being my last year in Morris, I want to make things count and make some positive changes to Morris with my position. This year is going to be academically and socially rigorous for me, but my door is always open so feel free to talk to me about your concerns or questions. I'd love to chat about anything!

Noah Pilugin, Secretary of Student Services, Consultative Committee Representative


Major: Anthropology and Art History

About: I am a senior this year at UMM and this will be my second year involved with MCSA, of which I glad to be a part of. On campus over the years I have been involved with a variety of clubs and organizations, as well as being involved in our local community. I come from a diverse international background and lived overseas as a child which has fueled my interests in learning about cultures and societies. I am an avid photographer who also dabbles in a range of other activities and overall I am quite eclectic. I always enjoy meeting other people and hearing about their past experiences.

Autumn Johnson, At Large Representative, MSLC Representative


Major: Political Science

About: I am a second year Political Science major at UMM. I come from East Bethel, MN and this will be my second year in MCSA. Outside of MCSA, I am also in Mock Trial and Model UN. Outside of classes and clubs, I can be found napping, eating, or watching Netflix.

Steven Tetrick, Secretary of Campus Relations


Major: Political Science and Environmental Studies

About: I am senior this year at UMM and am originally from Chaska, MN. I have previously served in MCSA for one year as a Sustainability Officer. I am very excited to use the connections I have made around campus during my time at UMM to serve as the Secretary of Campus Relations. Outside of MCSA, I am the Head Coordinator at Higbies Coffee Shop/Information Desk. I am very passionate about sustainability and love the intricacies of our political system.

Parker Smith, At Large Representative, Board of Regents Representative, Parliamentarian


Major: Political Science and History

About: Hey Morris! My name is Parker Smith and I am a sophomore here at UMM. I am majoring in History and Political Science. This year I will be serving as a Campus Assembly Representative, At-Large member of the MCSA Executive Committee, MCSA Parliamentarian and Student Representative to the Board of Regents. I am looking forward to representing our student body on campus, and on a system wide level. I am also involved with the Model United Nations club and Morris Quidditch. If you see me in campus make sure to say hi!

Alec Santelman, Budget Manager

Major: Political Science

About: Hi everybody, my name is Alec Santelman, I'll be serving as the budget manager for MCSA this year. This is my first year on MCSA and I look forward to serve the U of M Morris community. When I'm not hard at work as budget manager, I also participate in our campus's Mock Trial and Model UN clubs.

Tiernan Lenius, At Large Representative, Election Commissioner


Major: Psychology / Human Services / Political Science

About: Hello All! I am Tiernan: A senior who loves psychology, Ultimate Frisbee, Improv, and MCSA! One of the many ways I get involved on campus is being a representative of MCSA, as well as our Election Commissioner! This year I will be working on issues that face our campus as a member of the Executive committee. In this, I strive to bring intelligent crafted, mildly quirky, and forever original thoughts to the table!