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Residence Hall & Community Information

Perhaps you are a student, groaning about having to live in a dorm, possibly with a unknown roommate, possibly for the first time in your life. Or perhaps you are a parent, wondering just what your child is getting into. Morris residence halls are so much more than the pictures say—they are student-developed communities, and as a resident you play a big part in shaping the community you want to live in.

A community advisor (CA) lives on each floor, supervised by a hall director. Community advisors are returning Morris students who help residents to settle into their new environment, as well as to help the floor bond. Many CA’s arrange floor activities for people to get together, have fun, and bond as a group. Office of Residential Life staff members are also able to answer any questions you may have.

Community Council is formed of residents and helps to generate ideas for hall activities, services, facilities, and guidelines for an effective community.

Each residence hall has furnished floor lounges for study and recreation as well as kitchenette areas. Recreation areas equipped with various gaming tables and vending machines are available as well. Washers and dryers are also in every hall.

Each residence room is wired for telephone service, including voicemail. A complimentary phone is located in a central location of each hall, and is to be used for local service only. Televisions are provided in main lounge areas, and individual rooms/apartments come with basic cable tv services including 40 channels and HBO.

Internet access is available in each room/apartment and lounge areas. The procedure for connecting to the network from your residence hall is described on the RESNET (Residential Network) website. For students who don’t own computers, the University’s Technology Products website makes several brands available for purchase at special educational discounts. As well, two 24-hour computer labs are available for use in the student center and Imholte respectively.

Room furnishings for double rooms include:

  • twin-size bed frames
  • mattresses measuring 36" x 80" (twin long)
  • drapes
  • desk
  • desk chairs
  • dresser

Dishware, flatware, kitchen utensils and cookware are not provided in residence hall kitchens.