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Theme Floors

Special Housing Options

The on-campus apartment complex is composed of four separate buildings each housing eighteen apartments and the Apartment Community Building, also known as the "Cube." Each apartment building is divided into three sections of six apartments.

Healthy Lifestyles Floor—Clayton A. Gay Hall

The Healthy Lifestyle floor consists of co-ed students interested in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Education on a holistic healthy lifestyle is conducted through programs, speakers, and bulletin boards. Students who live in this community agree not to have or use alcohol, tobacco, and/or other controlled substances.

World Culture Floor—Clayton A. Gay Hall

The World Culture floor offers students a place to share their passion for intercultural issues and travel. Students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as well as international students and students either returning or planning to travel abroad, are encouraged to apply to live on this floor.

The World Culture floor consists of students living together on a co-ed floor. These students share resources, coordinate cultural immersion programs for other students, explore social issues through various activities, and examine their own beliefs and share them with others. Steps taken to share culture will be explored and celebrated.

First Nations Floor—Clayton A. Gay Hall

The First Nations floor is a community for all people to explore Native American cultures, history, languages, issues and life ways.

Civic Engagement Floor—David C. Johnson Independence Hall

The Civic Engagement floor consists of co-ed students living together who have an interest in volunteer opportunities and community outreach. These students can share resources, coordinate volunteer efforts and programs, and work together while reflecting on their experiences.

Sustainability Floor—David C. Johnson Independence Hall

The Sustainability floor consists of co-ed students who share an interest in sustainability issues. These students pool resources, coordinate efforts, create programs, and work together while reflecting on their experiences.

All-Female Floor—David C. Johnson Independence Hall

The All-Female floor consists of only female residents.

If you are interested in living in a theme community, please check the appropriate area on your housing contract. Assignment to these spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.