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Spring 2020 Virtual Programs

Regularly Ongoing Programs


A weekly engagement challenge for students

Posted to social media with #MorrisMission weekly (Winners announced on Tuesday, Missions posted on Wednesday, Submissions due on Sunday)

Field Trip Fridays!

A weekly virtual field trip to somewhere amazing

RSVP to in order to attend

Self-Reflection Sundays

A weekly open discussion among participants to reflect on the week

RSVP to in order to participate

RuPaul Mondays

A weekly group viewing of the most recent episode of RuPaul’s Drage Race


Morris Minecraft Server

If you play Minecraft, join the Morris server!

Select “Official Minecraft Server of the UMM Campus” to join.

CAC Concerts Virtual Talent Show

Show off your talend and win awesome prizes!

Submit your performance video to or

Morris Cinema

On demand movies for UMN Morris students

Visit  (a VPN is required to connect from off campus) 

Plants, People, and Poetry Contest

A poetry contest for UMN Morris students

Submit short poem (any style) about your favorite plant and

  1. How it connects to cultural diversity and/or
  2. UMN Morris or MN

Upcoming Virtual Events