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Promise of the Prairie

Extended Version

Promise of the Prairie: Education in Three Acts

Morris Campus: Through the Years

American Indian Boarding School 1887 – 1909

West Central School of Agriculture 1910 – 1963

University of Minnesota Morris 1960 – present

Promise of the Prairie, a documentary produced by the University of Minnesota Morris, explores three very different educational institutions that have all made their home on the same plot of land. Collectively, they form a microcosm of America, informing an understanding of the past, an appreciation for the present, and expectation for the future.

In the video, Chancellor Jacqueline Johnson, states,

“Our vision for the future brings us back to our roots in the land and the people of this region. It reconnects the people who live here with the place they inhabit and the purpose that brings them together. Our vision strengthens our resolve to educate productive citizens and our belief in the power of education as a transformative tool.”