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Community Building

Under this model, students conduct research to assess or meet community needs. Examples include:

Co-curricular service: A student organization interviews gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender (LGBT) students to record their stories of treatment by medical personnel.

Service-learning: Economics students conduct a survey for the City of Benson to determine why people leave town to go shopping and what non-existent retail options or other changes would keep people in town.

Internship: A student interviews Spanish-speaking clients of the local hospital to determine how well their medical needs are being met locally.

Engaged research: A psychology professor completes a study conducted in a multicultural psychology class about attitudes of parents toward diversity issues; she writes a report for the school, as requested, but also uses the survey data in a study for an academic journal.

Institutional engagement: After completing a study about the best placement for a second campus wind turbine, the community is invited to a forum to learn about the research and weigh in.