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Events & Programs

Friendship Program

Oftentimes international and domestic students have a sincere desire to make friends with each other but find it challenging in a variety of ways. For this reason International Student Programs (ISP) started the Friendship Program; domestic and international students sign up for this program and they are paired with another student with similar interests. This program consists of monthly group events organized by ISP. Some of these events include intercultural activities like “Culture Jeopardy” or “Game Night” with games played around the world; other times it relates to events ISP would like to encourage international students to attend, like a “Zombie Make-up Contest,” in preparation for the campus-wide event “Zombie Prom.” The Friendship Program is a very rewarding and fun experience for participants to be involved in. Outside of these monthly events we encourage students to maintain their friendships on more of a personal level. If you are interested in this program contact Leslie Gubash-Lindberg

Country Spotlight

Country Spotlight is sponsored and organized by International Student Association (ISA). Every month ISA ‘spotlights’ a different culture or country. This is an opportunity to know more about other cultures as well as the diverse student body on campus. An example of a topic that might be covered is, ‘Chinese Tea Culture,’ which would accompany a demonstration with tea and sweets. This monthly event is open to everyone and any student organization or individual can cover their own topic as part of ‘Country Spotlight.’ Check your emails and the Event Calendar for more details.

Culture Hour

Culture Hour consists of floor activities facilitated by Community Advisors (CA), at the Office of Residential Life (ORL) with the help of International Student Programs (ISP). Each CA picks a couple of Culture Hour themed floor activities to do for the year, CA’s can get ideas from an intercultural activity handbook created by ISP, or they can come up with their own intercultural activity. The purpose of Culture Hour is to be more inclusive of activities, engaging to both domestic and international students. These activities provide an opportunity for international and domestic students to bridge any cultural misunderstanding, or gaps as well as fostering an environment of acceptance, cultural understanding, teaching moments and inclusiveness.

Ambassador Program

This is a mentorship program between well-adjusted and successful international student who have studied at UMM for two or more years, and first-year international students just arriving to UMM. The Ambassadors serve to teach the new students about student services on campus, curricular and non-curricular life at UMM as well as teach them ways to overcome homesickness and fully experience the American culture during their four years here. Ambassadors serve as International Orientation Leaders when students first arrive in the U.S., and then go on to become a good friend and mentor to new international students throughout the academic year.

Listed are some of the events International Student Programs sponsor during the academic year. Check back for dates and times:

Orientation Potluck
Welcome Picnic–sponsored with the Office of Equity, Diversity and Intercultural Programs
Spring Festival Dinner, sponsored with the International Student Association and Asian Student Association
International Education Week, a campus-wide event organized by International Student Programs

Adopt a Student

Each fall semester the Office of International Programs matches incoming international students with local residents in the Morris community. The purpose of the program is to create opportunities for cultural exchange, and to give our new students an opportunity to learn about the Morris community and to form friendships. There are nearly 200 nternational students from 24 countries at Morris and that number is growing every year. These students are very interested to get connected to Minnesota culture through the International Adopt a student program. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Enrich your life by discovering your world right here in Morris.