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Sodexo Dining Services

Sodexo provides 9.3 million meals every day for 6,000 clients in North America. The University of Minnesota, Morris and Sodexo have partnered to provide campus dining services since 2001. In July 2008, Sodexo was awarded a new 10-year management contract to provide resident dining at the campus Dining Hall, cafe operations in the Turtle Mountain Cafe, and campus catering, with an increasing focus on healthy foods and wellness.

Sodexo is a Pride of the Prairie local foods partner, sourcing a growing menu from local, sustainable farms. Sodexo formed a partnership with Food Alliance Midwest, a group expanding providing sustainable farm certification, to bring local sustainably raised fruits, vegetables, and some meats to the University of Minnesota, Morris through the institutional dining food distribution stream. Food Alliance Midwest recognized Sodexo with a Keeper of the Vision for a Sustainable Future award in 2005. The University of Minnesota, Morris’s chef was the first college chef featured in the Minnesota State Fair’s Minnesota Cooks local foods calendar.

Contributions to Morris Healthy Eating

Sodexo provides expertise in managing the campus food environment, including planning and implementing a contract mandated wellness plan that includes varied fruits and vegetables at all dining outlets as well as the possibility of discounts for healthful food items, calorie and fat content product labeling, and more. Sodexo’s current multi-year contract with Morris Campus included a significant capital investment to support a major Dining Hall facility renovation. The renovation, completed in summer 2009, dramatically increased the capacity for display cooking, made-to-order preparation, and the use of fresh, local ingredients. We anticipate more innovation and success as we move forward to reach mutually held goals to increase healthy food choices on campus.